Corporate Social Responsibility

At Banks Holdings Limited (BHL), we have adopted a sustainable approach in all of our business practices, seeking to preserve the environment and add value to Barbados and the other communities we serve. We believe in partnerships to assist in executing our citizenship responsibilities and we proudly work with other agencies and organisations to make a positive difference.

Over the years, BHL has contributed to Sports, Culture and the Environment in Barbados both as a corporate entity and through our various beverage brands. We have assisted a wide range of local charities and service groups in their commitment to servicing vital sectors of the Barbadian society, particularly young people and citizens needing a hands-up. In addition to these annual commitments, we have supported several other worthy causes including coming to the aid of regional communities as they sought to mitigate the impact of natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. Our subsidiaries have also been actively involved in positive programmes across the spectrum of Barbadian life. Together we have worked to:

  • Support the efforts of charitable and volunteer groups
  • Assist in developing sports
  • Help encourage cultural activities
  • Put in place policies promoting preservation of the environment

We maintain an active and robust Corporate Social Responsibility Programme and in an effort to further extend our community outreach, the H.E.L.P Programme was established in 2014.

The H.E.L.P Programme is designed to enable Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) to assist charities in executing their charitable influence. The acronym H- Heritage, E- Environment, L-Learning, P-People is based on four tenets.





For more information on our social efforts, please visit our H.E.L.P Programme website.