Background - BHL

Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) is the parent company of four subsidiaries and eight associated companies.

A publicly-quoted company on the Securities Exchange of Barbados, BHL shares are one of the most widely held in Barbados, with approximately 3,454 shareholders, incl. over 3000 individuals, estates and trusts.

Investment Strengths

BHL is a strong company whose success reflects a proven capacity to meet the competition. Our experienced leadership has a keen eye for the marketplace, soundly managing the company’s assets, day-to-day business operations and expansion programme.

Our manufacturing enterprises have placed high premium on producing competitive high quality goods. This is supported by a continuous process of tooling and retooling – our technologically advanced plants are comparable to European standards and are second to none in the region. We have also incorporated international quality standards in all our manufacturing processes. The group has maintained high levels of innovation in key areas including research and development with popular new products brought to the market at a pleasing rate. The Group has a strong marketing and sales record, with demonstrated capacity to outsell competitors. Our products are diversified and we are able to benefit from synergies and strengths among our subsidiaries. Our companies are backed by the strength of international brands such as Coca-Cola and Guinness, with which we have license arrangements. Our plants are modern, staffed by highly talented teams and well placed to maintain market share and leadership.

Company % Ownership
Banks (Barbados) Breweries Limited 100%
Barbados Bottling Company Limited 100%
Banks Distribution Limited 100%
Barbados Dairy Industries Limited 84.43%