When was Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) formed?

Banks Holdings Limited was formed in 1991.

What companies comprise the Banks Holdings Group?

The BHL Group comprises of four subsidiaries. Its beverage manufacturing arm includes a brewery - Banks (Barbados) Breweries Ltd., a soft-drink plant Barbados Bottling Company Limited (BBC), and a dairy - Barbados Dairy Industries Limited (PINEHILL Dairy). Our distribution arm is led by Banks Distribution Ltd., formerly B&B Distribution Limited.

What products do the companies within the Group produce?

The BHL Group's portfolio includes brewed non-alcoholic, alcoholic and carbonated products as well as fruit juices, juice drinks and dairy beverages.

What is the current share price?

As stock trades frequently, the most current share information can be obtained via the Barbados Stock Exchange: http://www.bse.com.bb/reports/trading-reports

What are some of the events or organisations BHL sponsors?

BHL has played a leading role in all aspects of Barbadian life from sports to cultural events and non-profit, non-governmental organizations. Some of the organizations BHL assists include the Barbados Museum & Historical Society and Crime Stoppers Barbados. In addition, BHL has partnered with the National Cultural Foundation to host a number of cultural events. A wide arrange of sporting disciplines ranging from cricket to football have also befitted from BHL involvement in the community.

Is Banks Barbados the same as Banks Guyana?

Banks (Barbados) Breweries Ltd. and Banks Guyana are two separate companies although there are linkages between their parent companies, Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) of Barbados; and Banks DIH (BDIH) of Guyana. In February 2005 BHL and BDIH signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The agreement was effected by a share transfer agreement which sees Banks DIH acquiring just under 10% of BHL, and BHL acquiring 20% of DIH.

Which company is the oldest in the group?

The Barbados Bottling Company Ltd. is the oldest company in the BHL Group. It celebrated its 70th anniversary in November 2014.

Which company is the newest addition to the group?

Barbados Dairy Industries Ltd. (trading as PINEHILL Dairy) is the newest member of the BHL Group. The PINEHILL Dairy opened for business in 1966 and was acquired by BHL in 1997.

What percentage of the local market does the group hold?

The Group holds approximately 50% of the local beverage market.

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of BHL?

The BHL Group is headed by Managing Director/ CEO, C. Richard Cozier.

Who is the Chairman of the BHL Board of Directors?

Mr. Marcio Juliano is the Chairman of the BHL's Board of Directors.

How many people comprise the BHL Board of Directors?

The Board is made up of 9 members inclusive of 8 Directors and the Corporate Secretary.

Who are the Directors of the company?

The Directors are Mr. Marcio Juliano, Mr. Ramon A. Franco, Mr. Eduardo Lacerda, Mr. Saulo Maranha, Mr. Richard Cozier, Mr. Elvin R. Sealy, LRE Corp. represented by Mr. Eduardo Salles and Mr. Christopher DeCaires. The Directors are assisted by Corporate Secretary Cherie Jones.

What is BHL's Mission Statement?

"To continuously enhance stakeholder value by operating as a key player in the production, distribution, and management of strong brands in domestic and regional markets with an extra-regional presence."

What are the areas in which persons are employed within the BHL Group?

Career opportunities are as diverse as the work across our subsidiaries. Positions include management, information technology, marketing and sales, public relations, finance and accounting, research and development, and engineering. There are laboratory technicians, chemists, machine operators, clerks, brewmasters, merchandisers, channel representatives etc.

How much emphasis is placed on education?

BHL recognizes the importance of education and training in the development of essential skills, knowledge and attitudes to cope with organizational changes. We are committed to the support and promotion of continuous employee development which allows for optimal performance in current or future careers of employees. It is therefore our policy to make training accessible to all employees within our group of companies.

How many employees are there within the Group?

There are approximately 524 persons employed within the Group.

How many shareholders are there in the company?

A publicly-quoted company on the Securities Exchange of Barbados, BHL is also one of the most widely held companies in Barbados, with approximately 3,454 shareholders including over 3,000 individuals, estates and trusts.

How many issued shares are there?

The current financial year saw the issuance of over 64 million BHL shares.