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The PHD Supports Project to Boost Milk Production

May 12, 2020

The Pine Hill Dairy (“PHD”) is pleased to support a Barbados Agricultural Society ("BAS") and Barbados Beef and Dairy Producers Association project, which has facilitated the importation of 159 pregnant heifers, to be distributed to four farmers, to guarantee the sustainability of the local dairy industry.

The project was funded by a $1.3-million-dollar loan from the Republic Bank of Canada, and a contribution from the Pine Hill Dairy. 

Speaking on the project, Kenroy Smith, Plant Manager, PHD, stressed that the project would go a long way to ensure the viability of the local dairy industry, which has been under some strain in recent years. “We believe that the importation of these cows will be critical to stabilize the country’s milk output. Currently, our milk production fluctuates heavily throughout the year, due to various factors. This will help the PHD ensure that it can supply the needs of its customers.” 

Meanwhile, James Paul, Chief Executive Officer, BAS, said his organization is working with the local dairy farmers to support their needs. “The national milk output currently stands at about 2 million kilograms, which is way below what is required and normally produced. We, within the BAS, are making a special effort to work with the farmers to see how we can improve milk production.”

The PHD also collaborated with the BAS and the Barbados Beef and Dairy Producers Association in 2016 on a similar project to import approximately 190 pregnant heifers, at that time.


Imported cattle graze on a local dairy farm.