In an effort to assist in preserving Barbados’ rich culture and history, Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) has selected the Barbados Museum and Historical Society and the Preservation (Barbados) Foundation Trust as recipients of contributions under the category of Heritage.

In identifying these two organisations BHL will be embracing and preserving the past while also assisting in writing the story of the present and securing the future.


The Barbados Museum and
Historical Society:

The Barbados Museum and Historical Society (BMHS) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a membership of over 1,000 individuals and companies. The mandate of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society is to collect, document and conserve evidence of Barbados’ cultural, historical and environment heritage; and to interpret and present this evidence for all sectors of society.

The Society has played an important role in advocating the need for legislation to protect and preserve Barbados’ culture heritage.

The Preservation (Barbados) Foundation Trust:

The Preservation (Barbados) Foundation Trust was established to raise funds for the preservation of the built heritage of Barbados and investing in this organization which is yet in its early stages of development, positions the Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) Group to grow with the organization and be actively involved in its success. The project BHL has selected is the Carnegie Library in Bridgetown Barbados.