Programme Overview

Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) has an active and robust Corporate Social Responsibility Programme. We understand that countries progress through building strong communities and we are proud of our role as partners in the process.

Over the years, BHL has contributed to Sports, Culture and the Environment in Barbados both as a corporate entity and through our various beverage brands, and has assisted a wide range of local charities in their commitment to servicing vital sectors of society.

In an effort to further extend our community outreach, the H.E.L.P Programme was established in 2014 and is designed to enable BHL to assist charities in executing their charitable influence. The acronym H.E.L.P is based on four tenets.

Our Partners

We have partnered with eleven locally registered organisations, each with an interest in Heritage, Environment, Learning or People.





Through our H.E.L.P Programme, we have committed to significant financial contributions to each of our partners, which will go towards a project, cause or initiatives mutually agreed upon.

Through our strategic partnerships, we have successfully engaged socially and environmentally conscious leaders and inspired our employees to otherwise serve the communities in which they work and operate.